My Goals & Progress

I’m not usually a calorie counter – the most I ever did was track those annoying points!  But I’m using DailyBurn to track things for now, until I can see exactly what I’m eating and what it means.  I’m trying to stay right around 1500 calories (my range on DailyBurn is 1500-1700 to allow for a little wiggle room).

I’m also planning to work out 3 times a week initially, and work up to 4 days.  I hate exercising, but I miss running!  I know I’ll have to work up slowly to what I used to do, especially because I’m carrying more weight than before I started running last year, and I have crappy knees, but work up to it I will!  I’d also like to throw core work back in after each cardio session.  I MAY even take advantage of the fact that hubby is the weight-room moderator at our school and start lifting again.

Do I have a goal weight in mind?  I did, and sometimes I still think it’s the best way to at least aim myself, but I also think that I mostly just want to be comfortable in my own skin and happy – able to buy clothes anywhere, knit smaller sweaters (thus saving me money on yarn!) and have the energy to chase after my uber-active kids!

I want to do the before and after thing, both in terms of photos and a weight progression.  It’s hard to find before pics of me – I’m usually the one taking the pics or hiding in the back of a group.  I want to weigh in every Tuesday (only because that’s when I got the bug up my butt to start this whole trip!).  So, let’s break it down in black and white:

9/6/11: 238 (which is at least lower than my all-time high of 246.  That’s good, right?  Right?!)


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