Weigh-in Tuesday

Man, I really should have started with the alliterative “Weigh-in Wednesday”…that way, if it were a crappy weigh-in, I could go right to my Wednesday morning therapy appointment and have something to talk about (oh, who am I kidding?!?  I always have *something* to talk about!)

So, without further ado…(drumroll please!)


Remember, I started last week at 238!  SIX POUNDS IN ONE WEEK!   I am SO psyched!  I know it’s probably a lot of water weight, and I know I’m not going to lose six pounds again next week, but I can actually tell the difference on my body already!  I tend to lose weight from the top down – so the mound under the boobs fades first, and the lower tum, hips, and thighs go last.  Let’s put it this way: when I was down 42 pounds last spring, I had gone from an XL/XXL shirt (although a lot of that is thanks to the girls!) to a L shirt in most cases…and from an tight 18 pants to a loose-ish 16.  Yeah.  That was definitely discouraging.  But I could also tell that, within the next 5-10 pounds lost, I would be seeing a difference there, too.  Oh, well, something to aim for!

More than anything, I just feel better DOING SOMETHING, you know?  There have been some rough moments during this past week – moments where I’ve been utterly exhausted, overwhelmed, burnt out, and yes, sobbing into my pillow (depression makes for a fun evening in sometimes!) but the fact that I knew I was making progress, and just as importantly, feeding myself better, was enough to keep my head more or less out of the hole all week.

And that’s a good thing.


About talamorgan

I'm an almost 40 mother of 2 fighting depression and fighting the battle of the bulge. I want this blog to keep me motivated, to hold me accountable, and to lend me support while I try to fight for my mental as well as physical health.

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