Today is the third day of my self-imposed…um…lifestyle change?  Recharge?  Reboot?  Whatever.  I weighed myself this morning just to see what was going on, but it’s hard to tell.  My meds are messing with my system, and, um, slowing me down quite a bit.  It’s been days, people, days.  (get used to TMI, by the way…I have no problem sharing!)  That being said, I’m pretty proud of myself that I’ve stuck with such healthy meals (I know, I know, it’s only been three days, but with the way life has gotten, three days in a row of NOT emotional eating is amazing!)  I’ve been right at or a smidge below 1500 calories each day – dinner tonight sucked, though.

See, I forgot my daughter’s school was having a Spirit Night, and one of the big draws was FREE gently used uniforms.  I already shelled out the bucks for a full uniform and new shoes and what-not, but got the bare minimum.  The idea that I could maybe get an extra jumper or some shirts (FOR FREE!! OMG!) was very appealing.  Hubby’s not home (as usual…I am a high-school football widow), and the school is about 20 minutes away, and I had time-constraints, what with getting the little guy to bed even close to on time (and dear me, could that be any MORE of a run-on?!) so I ran out of the house instead of feeding the kids or myself.  Wendy’s chicken nuggets were the quickest option for them (I’m not proud), but I did.  Not.  Succumb.  (Ok, I also couldn’t find my debit card in my purse and only had four bucks on me…)  Dinner tonight was brought to you by Larabar.  I’ve never had one before (I usually stick to Luna Bars – chocolate peppermint stick FTW!  AND!!  Did you see Luna now has Chocolate Dipped Coconut?  Must. Find. And. Inhale.)   The Larabar was yummy – I find I’m always drawn to the chocolate protein/energy bars.  For the most part, they taste enough like real chocolate to feel like I’m being decadent, and I don’t feel guilty for having had one.

That being said, I obliterated my carb limit…again.  I have GOT to figure out substitutes.  My low-carb buddy mentioned Dreamfields Pastas, which are great for diabetics.  According to their site, “our healthy pasta recipe has fewer digestible carbs, about the same high fiber as whole wheat pasta, and it can help you manage your blood sugar.”  Pasta without the carb overload?  THANK YOU!  My friend says it tastes just like regular pasta, so I’m looking forward to trying it out.  In the meantime, I need to find different snacks or sides or something to help limit the damned carbs!

Found this article today through this site.  This is definitely something I want to weigh-in on (har har…pun intended, of course!), as well as what they’re doing over at Pigtail Pals.  I think this topic would be a good one for tomorrow!

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” -e.e. cummings


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I'm an almost 40 mother of 2 fighting depression and fighting the battle of the bulge. I want this blog to keep me motivated, to hold me accountable, and to lend me support while I try to fight for my mental as well as physical health.

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